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What kind of collar should I get? Crate? Leash? Don't stress! I have compiled all of my favorite brands, products, and local businesses together for easy reference.

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Frisco Fold & Carry Dog Crate

This is the best crate for someone that is looking for it to be suitable enough for their pup but also affordable. Make sure to check the size chart as how it fits to your dog does matter.

Click here to purchase it from Chewy 

Frisco Stainless Steel Bowl 
These bowls are the best for dogs of all ages, but we especially recommend these to owners with puppies as they are more prone to puppy acne. The stainless steel keeps the water sterile enough to help with this problem. 

The Good Dog Way: Love Them by Leading Them by Sean O'Shea (Book)

A great book to understand balanced-training more and learn about the foundation of dog training and behavior. 
Click here to purchase it from Amazon 

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Here is my list of favorite local businesses that are not only passionate about dogs but give an exemplary level of service:

City Dog Grocery (Fountain Square and Mass Ave.) 
Not only one of the cutest shops in town, but they are also full of wonderful products for your pup. Take your pup on a walk, they are welcome to come in!  

Follow them on Instagram and check out their website

Katie Deveau, Groomer (at City Way Animal Clinic - Irvington) 
Katie is a wonderful, local groomer who I highly recommend for dogs of all ages. She is kind and empathetic and it shines through her work. When I am too busy to give my own dogs a bath, I take them to her. 
Follow her on Instagram 

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Amira's preferred list of brands that have the best collars, leashes, treats, and more to choose from for your pup:


Collars and leashes made of beta-standard Biothane, which means they are waterproof, stink-proof, mildew-proof, and anti-microbial. In other words, super easy to clean and durable!

Link to Etsy and their Instagram here 


Extremely durable leashes and collars

Link to their website here 

Bully Sticks Central

All-natural, tasty dog treats

Check their website and their Instagram out here 

Big Barker Beds

Luxurious, super long-lasting doggie beds Check out their website and Instagram out here

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